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Slowing the Pace

posted Thursday, January 15th, 2015 by Omkari

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi Hindu mythology tells a story about how Lord Ganesh won a race without the benefit of speed.  He and his brother Kartikeya agreed to race to see who could go around the world 3 times and come back first.  Kartikeya set out […]

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Take it easy this fall and breathe

posted Thursday, August 28th, 2014 by Omkari

When I attended a yoga teacher training at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in 2001, I couldn’t quite understand all the focus on breathing.  While I did find it helpful to breathe more deeply, and pay more attention to my breath, I wondered about the necessity of repeating this instruction over and over.  I was mildly suspicious […]

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A Light-hearted Poem on Raising Spiritual Children

posted Sunday, April 6th, 2014 by Omkari

How does a yogi mom raise a spiritual child? Does she raise her child vegan, does she let him run wild? Does she give her child malas instead of rattles and toys?  Does she shield him from plastic and non-yogic boys? Does she make him play yoga instead of video games? Does she spend her time calling […]

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Austin Big Heart Yoga is a community of yoga practitioners dedicated to helping each other understand and experience their true nature through the practices of yoga.  Our tools include hatha yoga, meditation, chanting, spiritual discussions, service to others, and community.  Our hatha yoga and meditation classes are reflective of the Shambhava Yoga™ tradition.

In 1975, Sri Shambhavananda led a small group of yogis to Boulder, Colorado.  They opened the first vegetarian restaurant in the area and named it in honor of their teacher, Swami Rudrananda. For them, the restaurant was more than just an eatery; it was an arena for their growth. Sri Shambhavananda taught them how to use the challenges of running the restaurant to grow spiritually. Living, meditating, and working together they flourished.  The success of the restaurant, and later a bakery, afforded the small dedicated bunch their dream of building a yoga ashram; a place where people could go to experience the yogic tradition through nourishing retreats, asana practice, meditation, and seva (selfless service).

At a time in America when yoga’s popularity outshines its original purpose, Shambhava Yoga stands as a living example of timeless teachings in a present-day practice. Sri Shambhavananda inspires students to combine hard work with heart work and use the practice of meditation to rise above, and grow from, the challenges of everyday life.

Shambhava Yoga ashrams and affiliate centers are run by gifted and dedicated practitioners who use the practice to grow and improve their lives. Each center has been given the blessing of Sri Shambhavananda to pass on the teachings of the lineage under his guidance. Visit one to learn how you can live the practice and love your life with Shambhava Yoga™.

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Meditation for Mothers: Deepening Your Practice

posted Friday, January 6th, 2012

UPCOMING THEME: Gratitude:  The Grace of Acceptance  In this series we will practice, experience and integrate gratitude into our hearts and homes more fully. Throughout the series, we will explore gratitude as a feeling that naturally emerges from within as a result of meditation practice. We’ll support each other in releasing inner obstacles and tensions […]

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Monthly “Mama Sangha” Practice

posted Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

A class to support moms in deep self care and spiritual practice.  Mantra, gratitude practice,  and silent meditation followed by conversation and tea.  Practices are reflective of the Shambhava Yoga™ tradition.  By Donation.

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