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Meditation for Mothers Gratitude Series

posted Friday, January 6th, 2012 by Omkari


Gratitude:  The Grace of Acceptance 

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”  Lao tzu

In this series we will practice, experience and integrate gratitude into our hearts and homes more fully. Throughout the series, we will explore gratitude as a feeling that naturally emerges from within as a result of meditation practice. We’ll support each other in releasing inner obstacles and tensions that conceal this very natural expression of the heart.

We’ll also explore gratitude as a choice we make, and take simple steps towards creating habits that foster more feelings of appreciation and thankfulness in ourselves. Group discussions will include simple, creative ways to model and teach gratitude to children. Throughout the series, participants will be encouraged to keep a gratitude journal and practice a simple meditation practice at home to support the cultivation of gratitude and grace.

Each class will include movement, mantra, meditation, a period of deep relaxation, and time for discussion.


The “Meditation for Mothers” series offers ongoing support for developing regularity with one’s practice and bringing meditation skills into daily life.  Through weekly group practice and sharing, mothers can begin or deepen their commitment to regular practice within an atmosphere of gentle support. Participants will gain confidence and familiarity with Shambhava Yoga® meditation practices.  We will also explore teachings related to surrender, gratitude, and devotion.  Anita will share ayurvedic tips for supporting mental/physical/spiritual balance.  The classes will actively support the unique needs and challenges of motherhood, along with the benefits of developing a meditation practice during the parenting years.

Each class will include 15-20 minutes of beginner-friendly hatha yoga, and the opportunity to gradually sit in silent meditation for longer periods of time.

If you love the idea of joining the class, but it just doesn’t work for your schedule, call us!  Anita can teach custom classes for groups of 6 or more mamas.

Each class incorporates a period of deep relaxation using restorative yoga poses.  Past class themes include:  “Breathe Mama!”,”Learning to let go more deeply,”  “Cultivating loving kindness and devotion,”  “Nourishing ourselves and our children through the power of Mantra,”  “Slow Motion Cures Commotion”, “Gratitude and Grace,” and “Simple Rhythms:  The Gifts of a Daily Routine.”

All levels are welcome.