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Family Yoga Bliss

posted Monday, September 12th, 2011 by Omkari

It is both amusing and frustrating that my daughter does not really like to do yoga with me.  When she was a baby, before she had a say, we practiced “Itsy Bitsy Yoga” together.  When she was about 2 years old, we went to a toddler yoga class.  She spent the whole time wanting to nurse or running around.  I tried to breathe and relax, knowing quite well that yoga was much more that a cute downward dog pose, but feeling disappointed just the same.  We didn’t last long in the class. I took a breath and tried to let it go.   At 2.5 I took her to Yoga kids’ camp.  She cried a lot and barely participated.  We didn’t finish the series.   I took a breath, and tried to let it go.  Even this past summer, at age 5, she did not seem to like yoga camp very much.  On the other hand, since she was old enough to walk, she has been wandering into my meditation room as I do my practice.  Before that, I practiced with her in my arms.  Before that, in the womb.  Not downward dog, but the simple practice of being present, saying mantras, letting go of everything except the present moment.  If I could transmit anything to my daughter, it would be this:  the practice of taking a breath and letting everything go and the courage to keep trying even when it doesn’t seem to be working.  And the unending blessing of mantra.  So, this is what I try to do when I am leading family yoga and she does not SEEM to be participating:  I breathe and let go and do a little silent mantra.  Sometimes I forget and get frustrated, but I can always try again.  And I do keep trying.  And sometimes through a simple breath or a silent mantra, I can let go and feel myself truly open to the beauty of accepting things just as they are.  And this is the bliss of family yoga.

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