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Meditation for Mothers

posted Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 by Omkari

Meditation can be defined as a state of mind that is without thoughts, AND it is a mind that is at peace despite thoughts. I tell this to the women who come to my Meditation for Mothers classes with an emphasis on the second definition: a state of mind that is at peace despite one’s thoughts. I hope to ease the belief that so many people have that they “can’t meditate” because their minds are too busy. Of course, that is exactly why one SHOULD meditate. I have a busy mind. By the first definition I have meditated very little despite many hundreds of hours of sitting on my cushion. Whenever I am getting ready to teach a Meditation course, I pause to reflect on the ways that meditation has changed me. It’s not always obvious. I still get grumpy and hormonal. I still make mistakes with my child; some of them are ugly ones. I still feel anxiety, anger, sadness, jealousy, fear. Sigh. But there is more. I forgive myself more easily, freeing up precious energy to reconnect with my child after I’ve made a mistake. Fear and anxiety that might have grabbed my attention for weeks or months in the past, is released in days, hours, minutes, sometimes even seconds. I am more resilient. I have more acceptance for my life as it is (not as it is “supposed to be.”) I feel increasing amounts of gratitude, happiness, and peace for no reason as a result of my daily practice. I believe that my practice is a gift, not just to myself, but especially to those who are closest to me. Just a few reasons to begin a regular meditation practice. Join me this fall for a Tuesday morning Meditation for Mothers series (starting September 20 or November 1) or a Thursday evening Beginners’ Meditation series (starting October 13).