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The Blessing

posted Monday, November 19th, 2012 by Omkari

“Look lovingly on some object.  Do not go on to another object.  Here in the middle of this object – the blessing.”  from a translation of the Vijnana Bhairava in Zen Flesh and Bones.

This teaching is so relevant for me right now.  Much has fallen away to make room for a longed-for baby, and now life is full of the simplicity of caring for that baby.   I have preserved my daily meditation practice, but still I wonder how will I nourish my spiritual practice while caring for my baby, and maintaining my other relationships and responsibilities?  For now, I cannot go on retreat or travel to be with my Teacher.  I cannot enroll in any of the amazing teacher trainings currently available near or far.  I cannot fill my cup in these ways.  Yet, right in front of me – the object of my attention, the baby – draws me into the deepest of practices.  “Here in the middle of this object – the blessing.” 

And so, with renewed determination, I say to my mind “let go,” I put the i-phone out of reach, and I “do not go to another object.”  Yes, right here is the opportunity to travel, to be close to my Teacher, to train at a higher level.  It’s all right in front of me.  Wish me good luck, and wherever you are, feel free to join me.